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The obvious reasons for cleaning windows are:
Glossy clean windows simply look fantastic! It also provides a better view and better heat efficiency, but importantly it maintains the glass in superior condition. Glass will, over time, become soiled with a variety of contaminants if regular window cleaning is not occurring. These soils will greatly detract from the windows appearance and the property’s overall ‘look of cleanliness’  Not to mention a professional look on your home or business. Without some form of regular glass cleaning in areas like waterfront (salt), swimming pools, shower recesses etc. it can result in needing to replace the glass it as will eventually not be able to be restored, costing you more money.

Let’s face it, one of the primary reasons you would hire someone to do this job is because it’s probably one you would like to avoid doing. Armed with a cloth and a bucket of soapy water you can spend several weekends of your precious spare time cleaning your windows. Hiring a window cleaner will, at minimum, give you your time back! However, a professional window cleaner is one who has finely developed their craft – leaving no streaks, no runs, and no mess. Hiring a professional window cleaner is your guarantee that they have the right tools to get the job done efficiently, and to a high standard.

As a minimum, after an initial complete window clean (i.e. both interior and exterior) we recommend having the windows cleaned every six to twelve months. Of course factors such as exposure to salt, pollution and dust will determine this. Like a shower screen, your windows are susceptible to chemical etching from the minerals and pollutants in water (i.e. hard water staining). Regular cleaning will keep your windows looking cleaner, for longer, and of course will maximise the light and view.

Our quote will always detail the inclusions of each clean we provide. Generally, a complete internal and external window cleaning will include cleaning of your fly screens, window sills, window tracks, and the removal of cobwebs from around the window frames. In addition we can include the cleaning of skylights and internal glass balustrades, shower screens and pool fencing etc.

Do you come recommended? Are your necessary insurances and safety licenses in place and up to date? How will you go about doing the job?

I love meeting new people and visiting new locations daily, and getting plenty of exercise whilst enjoying a Sunny Coast lifestyle!

How much will it cost? Factors such as amount of windows, what type and their condition. Access/difficulty eg. is working at heights required? a site inspection is often best. How long will it take? Obviously this varies but an average 4 bedroom single level home may take 4-5 hours

As owner and operator of the business I am fully committed to providing a professional service. I am always punctual and have full transparency through my business. I would welcome anyone who may wish to speak with any of my past customers.

I believe I am most recommended via several web quoting sites as I always strive to achieve a premium result that I tailor to their needs, and at an affordable price. My aim is customer satisfaction to give confidence should they require a repeat service

Yes. We are covered for Public Liability insurance up to five million dollars. We guarantee our work and if you are not happy with the finish we will return free of charge

Is the property low set or high set? How many individual window panes on your property? Is terrain level? Is access ok? Do you have louver windows?

1. Regular cleaning of windows (usually 6 months) will ensure the condition of the windows remain great for a superior finish each time 2. Do not use mains water to wash windows as it creates hard water staining 3. Ensure easy access surrounding internal/external windows

We can offer 20% discount on your next clean for any referral of our services to your friends or family

Affordability is a key focus for my customers. We are a local small business and do not have huge overheads and advertising budget, nor do we hire sub contrctors, so we rely heavily on repeat customer and their referral by doing a great job and provding excellent service. Our professional tools and work ethic ensure you have an efficient job done right the first time.

Primarily professional window cleaning, including pure water cleaning, as well as all aspects of high pressure cleaning. Also solar panel cleaning for best output efficiency and gutter cleaning.

Sunshine Coast Mobile Cleaning is BSCAA accredited in Window Cleaning, Construction OH&S accredited and also licensed for ‘Working At Heights’.

Perhaps working on a $5m penthouse in Maroochydore where the owner fully refurbished and needed (a lot) of help with the windows. It was certainly a challenging job involving a lot of difficult access but the view was well worth it 😉 He was very appreciative of a job well done as I was proud!

Where possible clear some room around your windows inside and out, and draw blinds or curtains. We are here to assist in the process if need be.

We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard or EFT payments (at completion of the job)