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nanotech glass coating treatment

Is your property exposed to constant salt spray or is your glass pool fencing constantly splashed with salt chlorinated water?

You will benefit from having a Nanotech glass coating installed


After a thorough clean of your windows we can provide an invisible ultra-thin glass coating treatment. This technology will repel water with a bead off effect and prevent stubborn water marks, salt spray, lime scale and foreign matter from adhering to the surface.

This invisible coating cures onto the glass and when washed with rain or water, it takes the dust and dirt with it creating the self-cleaning effect. This self-cleaning effect makes cleaning glass more efficient and nearly maintenance free.

The product coats and impregnates the glass, follows the contours of the glass right down to the nano scale filling in the porous surfaces invisible to the human eye. This product dries clear and will not leave a yellow tinge or frosted colour. Once treated it cannot be removed by standard window cleaning tools, water, brushes or even high pressure hose equipment.


These Nano coatings have been tested for its longevity and abrasion resistant properties in the harsh Australian conditions against sea salt, dust and dirt.


Recommended for :


Pool fencing

Glass balcony balustrades

Shower screens

Kitchen splashback

Auto/marine glass

Porcelain, Ceramic


Features & Benefits:


Hard coating

Abrasion resistant

Protection for new & old glass


Lasts up to 5 years

Professional applicators preferred product

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